Niche Edits, The Missing Piece to Increasing Your Revenue

Basically, we will take the relevance, the trust, and the authority that existing websites already have with Google, and we will pass them unto your website. Enter your website and your primary keyword to get a report of how to we can help rank the keyword/s.

What are Niche Edits?

Niche edits is fad word for link insert or something similar to broken link building. Here a service is responsible to find articles on a very high authority website that helps your seo. It’s a link building strategy with one goal: increase your relevancy fast.

Why Buy Niche Edit Links from Art of War SEO


SAPE is a Russian link network for selling and buying links. With time, SAPE has been attacked multiple times by Google and has ultimately been banned. Those that use SAPE links will receive penalties from Google. We do not use SAPE links, because we care about your authority and reputation.

White Hat Approach

There have been multiple reports of so-called “agencies” that have hacked websites to add links and attempt to game Google. While it might work for a short period of time, this is a very risky and illegal practice, that will ruin your domain authority and can get you in legal trouble too.

Tested Websites

Unlike our competitors, we accurately choose where your links will go. The websites that will host your backlinks will be tested before we even consider them. The websites that we contact are established and meet the requirements: traffic, relevancy, authority, fanbase, and more. We don’t work with anyone.

How Does Our Niche Edits Service Work?

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Step -1
Research Competitors

We will carry out a deep analysis of your domain. We’ll research those websites that can make you rank. Just getting links isn’t enough, you need your edits to be placed on sites that can actually help your SEO. The Art of War SEO team specializes in doing just that: figuring out what links will give you a return on your investment.

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Find Prospects

Placing links on any website will not make you rank. That’s a false myth, and there are companies that invest a lot of money in links, and then they don’t see their traffic increase. The websites need to be relevant, and we will find them. Those sites obviously depend on your specific niche, and if we pick the right ones, you’ll rank for the desired keywords.
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Outreach the Bloggers

Here we will contact the sites that have the most potential in making you appear at the top of the search results. We have a very rigid checklist that every website must pass before we even consider contacting them. You don’t want anyone to host your links, we will only get in touch with those that will give you the domain authority you’re looking for.

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Make an Irresistible Offer

Owners of big websites will not do business with anyone, but we know how to deal with them.
We’ve been negotiating with websites for years, and we know how to get the best results for your money. We will also figure out what content works best and get them to add sentences and content that will help your SEO.
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Make it as Relevant as Possible

Adding a link is great, but making it relevant is even better. Search engines will better understand the context of your business if we give it the tools to do so.

We’re talking about images, infographics, targeted sentences, and secondary keywords, that are specifically aimed at increasing traffic.

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Deliver the Report

In under 28 working days, we will give you a personalized report that documents what we have done. You will get detailed information that will help you understand what works best.

Example Of Blogs We Outreach To

Why Use Niche Edits?

Links From Established and Powerful Articles

A blogger’s website might be great, but if they don’t have the following elements, they will not help your SEO. Some of the must-haves are:

  • Credibility in the eyes of search engines
  • A dedicated following
  • Frequent updates and posts (Google hates inactive blogs)
  • Articles that are actually good
  • A decent ranking

Those powerful links can increase the rankings fast!  

Symmetrically Relevant to Your Website

The context of the niche edit (everything from the host website to the content of the edit) has to be as true to your brand as possible.

If you’re selling kitchen accessories, you don’t want your website to get a link from article called “best dog food”.

That’d be a waste of time, money, and resources. It will also probably hurt your SEO in the long run as Google classifies you as spam.

Fast Acting

You already have all you need, the key to multiplying traffic is better SEO, and Niche Edits are on the top list of the best strategies that work in 2020.

If you got the site, the product, the positioning, but you can’t see traffic growing, you’re looking for SEO, and Niche Edits are what will give you that.

Using Art of War Seo for the First Time? What to Expect?

1. High Quality Website

This is so important, it actually is one of our guarantees. You are guaranteed to get links from awesome websites. What is an awesome website?
It’s a site that will actually give you the outcomes you’re looking for: relevancy, exposure, traffic, more money. Good websites are those that meet all our strict requirements. That includes being constantly updated, with an existing following, and a great track record.

2. Anchor Audit 

This is so crucial, that it really changes the whole SEO strategy, and Art Of War Seo really is proud of delivering an in-depth audit on anchors.
We use up-to-date methods and strategies to find the perfect ratios after matching your anchor ratio with the ranking websites.

3. 1 Year Warranty

Another guarantee is that all links will stay live and operative for at least 1 year. Our managers track each and every link so if they ever go down, they outreach to the blogger to fix the issue or get you a replacement! You will never be left alone.

With that said: the blogs we work with are established and will be on the market for years to come, so it could be much more than 1 year.

Our Happy Clients!
I have worked with few SEO/GrowthHacking agencies from around the globe, but so far ArtOfWar SEO are the most trustworthy, detail and goal oriented in comparison to most. Our PM is a true guru when it comes to SEO, his knowledge of the topic is MASSIVE, and he always tries to make the best use of it for our project. Thanks guys! Let’s take our company to the next level!

I’ve worked with multiple SEO Agencies, I’ve always had the same problems: big promises and small results. I’m so glad I started working with Art Of War SEO, definitely exceeded my expectations.

Lily Granger​

The thing I like the most about is that you made it simple, straight-forward, and quick. I don’t really have much time, so I appreciate that you just got this done with no hiccups, within the deadline.

Team Mark
Jeson Foxx

Niche Edits FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our aim is to provide links that are topically relevant to the page they will be backlinked to, based on the information you have provided. 

We choose topics that are semantically relevant to your topic, so that your link is natural! 


Unfortunately no. We really care about the sites we get for our other clients. So we can show you the websites where your link will be placed after the payment is done. 

We can outreach any niche, as long as it is appropriate and legal.

Positive, the strategy is effective and safe. It is proven that combining different SEO strategies gives you the best of all worlds, and it really zeros the odds of a failed campaign. The strategy is also safe since it is conducted by trained professionals that use strategies that are updated weekly since the SEO standards change very often.

The links will be placed in strategic places contextually in the content that we will provide. This is very important, Google recognizes patterns and we will use the ones that he will rank better. In a nutshell, we make them appear legit and relevant in Google’s eyes.

High-quality links will make the difference between an updated and outdated brand. Your image is very important, without a good one, your business won’t survive for long. How people see you (as well as how search engine bots see you) matters now more than ever.

By building good links you’ll gain relevance and exposure. If you’re selling a product or a service, this is what you’re looking for. If established influencers talk about you, you’ll grow.That’s when Art Of War Seo comes into play. We’ll do every single thing that is required in order for you to receive the results you are looking for, without lifting a finger.

Our links are dofollow. Search engines crawl the web through dofollow links, registering who is linking to who. These relationships pass a type of authority that SEO pros call “link juice” from one site to another, so they are effective.

Yes, you can. Please add a special note to the order to do that. We’ll do our best to reach who you’re trying to reach and get to top-level domain websites.

It is 100% guaranteed that the links will stay up for at least one year. Also, consider that blog posts that we outreach to are established, they have a substantial following, and a positive track record. This means that they will stay active for a long time, so you can see your links live for a lot more than what the warranty covers.

Yes, you can. We have a team that can build over 500 links per month, so it really is up to you. If you want to place multiple orders you can do it.

Our maximum turnaround time is 28 working days. However, we usually deliver in 10 days. It really depends on how quickly prospects respond.

How to Use Niche Edits Service Efficiently

Less Money, More Results

With niche edits, you can get more results than with other strategies, and you can get them faster. Why?

Because most strategies have a longer process, while niche edits are faster to create, thus cheaper. Niche edits usually give you results faster, which makes them very attractive especially if you’re trying to get results now.

Craft Brand Anchors

An anchor is a text that contains the link to your page. On most websites, it appears underlined, and the text is often blue. For example, on a list of the top 10 Shopify stores, every store contains a link to its page. Take a look:

Search engines such as Google care about the anchor text. If you analyze the backlinks of most websites, you’ll see that most of the anchor texts are branded. This means that the anchor itself does not describe the niche or the product, it describes the brand instead. 


A good example of this, is the Balenciaga website, Its top 5 anchors are mostly branded. Take a look yourself:

So, as you see, using branded anchors is the best technique to great a good domain authority when it comes to Niche Edits.

Check Website For Your Edits

Avoid Biased Opinions & Association

You do not want Google to associate your website with low-quality blogs and sites around the internet. So, it’s not just about their traffic. You have to take a look at your targeted audience, and understand if the host of your links is compatible with it.

Evaluate Its Target Audience

The target audience of the website you’re trying to place you link in has to match your target audience (ideally). The people that you’re trying to reach will use similar keywords for similar searches, so you want your domain to rank for those keywords.

Take a Look At Their Traffic Statistics

Obviously, amongst other requirements, the website also needs a certain authority in the marketplace (Google), and a decent flow of traffic. Building backlinks will not just help your SEO, it will also make your name more popular among your potential clients.