Guest Post Service: Get Real Sites with Real Traffic

Ordering guest posts has never been easier! All you need to do is log in to your account, check out our intuitive dashboard, and select the websites you’re interested in. Now, sit back and relax while our army of SEO specialists get you those links.

Why Buy Guest Post Services from Art of War SEO?

Get links from HQ Sites with Traffic

 We don’t get you links from sites with no traffic or sites with inflated DA/DR metrics.

We filter those websites and only add domains that are getting a minimum of 500 monthly traffic.

So, guest posting farms, GSA, and PBNs are out of the question!

Dashboard to Select Sites

Pick and choose among sites with the highest traffic/DA/DR metrics, and let us do all the heavy lifting to acquire those links.

Our user-friendly dashboard makes it extremely easy to place an order.

Awesome Researched Content

We don’t write content for the sake of hitting a word count target or pleasing the webmaster.

We write content that naturally grabs eyeballs and puts the focus on your brand regardless of the place it’s published.

Whereas most guest post providers use cheap writers to produce content that’s just “good enough” to the webmaster’s eyes, we only use native English speakers to wow your potential audience!

How Does Our Guest Post Service Work?

Home 7-Email Research Image

Step -1
You Select Websites According to Metrics (DR/Traffic/Da)

You’re in full control of the metrics you prioritize. Select the websites accordingly from our dashboard, and we’ll take it from there.

Content Marketing Icon 95x95

We write the content and get it published

Done selecting the website? Great! Now, wait while we write the content and get it published. Every piece of content will have a contextual link of your choice.

Site Analysis Icon

We email the report

 Once we’re finished with your campaign, we’ll send a neat and complete report of the work done so far. The report will contain proof of all the links published!

Example Of Blogs We Have in Our Dashboard

Using Art of War Seo for the First Time? What to Expect?

1. High Quality Backlinks

We understand how it feels like to spend big money on Guest Posting services, only to end up getting links on low-quality sites or, even worse, PBNs masquerading as websites.

Here at Art of War SEO, we make sure that you only get backlinks from sites with decent traffic, a clean backlink profile, and most importantly, are relevant to your niche.

Sure, it’s not easy to find sites that check all the boxes, but we do the absolute best we can to unearth these hidden gems!

2. Anchor Audit 

Worried about what anchor texts to use in your next guest posting campaign? No problem! Let our SEO experts take care of that.
When you place an order with Art of SEO, we use our up-to-date methods and strategies to come up with the anchor texts.
We do this by matching your anchor ratio with websites that are already ranking to find the anchor text ratio that will actually move the needle.

3. 1 Year Warranty

The relationships we’ve built with our outreach partners are rock solid!

That’s why we offer a 12 month guarantee to all customers. But don’t worry; the links are likely to stay live forever. We keep track of all the links, and if they’re down for any reason, we reach out to the webmaster to fix the issue.

If we cannot get the links live again due to reasons beyond our control, we’ll replace it with another link free of cost. 

Our Happy Clients!

Jacek Pytlik


“I have worked with few SEO/GrowthHacking agencies from around the globe, but so far ArtOfWar SEO are the most trustworthy, detail and goal oriented in comparison to most. Our PM is a true guru when it comes to SEO, his knowledge of the topic is MASSIVE, and he always tries to make the best use of it for our project. Thanks guys! Let’s take our company to the next level!

Guest Post FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Absolutely! We understand how important relevancy is to SEO, so we’ll always give you links from websites that are topically relevant to the page you’re trying to rank.

No, sorry. Even though we are big believers in transparency, we cannot show you the content before they’ve been published. Our goal is to make this process as hands-off as possible and fast, so the sooner we get your content posted, the sooner you’ll see results. But rest assured, we only use content written by writers from the US or UK, so quality is always top-notch!

Again, no, because our service is entirely hands-off, and we must keep the quality of the content consistent for both our clients and guest blogging partners. Also, big and popular sites have stringent guidelines that writers must follow to be eligible for publishing. We have the writers who can make that happen for you. So, relax and let the pros do their work. We promise to get you links faster than our competitors.

Pretty much anything as long as it’s appropriate and not illegal.

Sure, let us know how we can help you with this.

You bet! Guest posting is one of the safest ways to build links and grow your website. Unlike dodgy PBNs, guest posts do not set off the alarm bells as your links are hosted in proper websites, getting decent traffic. We also don’t write spammy content with the intent of inflating the word count to fool Google. That may have worked in the past, but now it’s the surest way to tank your site.

All your links will be placed contextually within the content, with contextual anchor texts that blend in nicely. At no point in time will a user read the content and go, “Wait a minute! This seems forced.” We write content for the users first and Google second, so you’re completely safe.

Content is king, sure, but in this day and age, when everyone is competing for the top spots, you need to use backlinks to stay in the game. Backlinks from high-quality sites not only boost your keyword rankings but also help establish your brand as the authority in the niche. Let us help you build backlinks that you’d be proud to have for yourself or your clients!

That’s easy! Just use our dashboard to pick and choose the websites you like, and we’ll take care of the rest. Ordering from Art of SEO is as easy as it can be.

All our links are dofollow, and we will never publish on sites that provide nofollow links. These are the types of links that boost authority and help your keywords rank better.

For sure! Just let us know about it when you’re placing your order, and we’ll try our best to get you links from localized domains.

There is no way for us, or anyone for that matter, to guarantee that your links will remain live forever. However, we guarantee that they will remain live for at least 1 year. Given we only do business with reputed websites, it’s not unnatural for links to stay up 2-3 years or even more. You don’t have to worry about links being removed at all. If they do get taken down within the first year, we will find you another equally good link opportunity.

Definitely! Our team is well equipped to acquire over 500 links every month, so you can place as many orders as you’d like.

It should not take us more than 28 working days to finish your guest posting campaign and deliver the complete report. We usually deliver sooner, but the time it takes mostly depends on how soon your prospects respond to our offer.

How to Use these Guest Posts?

There are lots of ways you can rank your website, one of which happens to be using a method called link building. What’s that? For the uninitiated, link building is what we call the process of acquiring backlinks from other websites to communicate to the search engines that your website is worth a look. 

Think of one backlink as getting one vote that vouches for your trustworthiness. However, not all votes carry the same value, unlike in the real world. 

Here, a backlink from a reputed website, having millions of visitors, like Nytimes, HuffingtonPost, etc. will have a much more significant impact on your website than backlinks from…let’s say that has no traffic and has not been updated with fresh content for the last 3 months.

At Art of SEO, we prioritize quality over quantity, so our goal is to get you links from other reputed websites so that both search engines and your audience see you as the industry’s authority.

Why Rank in the SERP

If being SEOs for a decade has taught us anything, it’s that you cannot rank well with content alone. Not for competitive terms, at least. And if you don’t rank in SERPS, what’s the point of doing anything? You’re not going to get any traffic, sell products, or build up a sustainable brand in the long run. 

Building a website and letting it sit is not enough! You need to be actively working upon boosting its authority if you want to get more traffic and more sales. To do this, you need to be building solid backlinks that indicate to the search engine bots that your website is relevant. 

Take a look at this image, for instance. What you see is an Ahref backlink report of Vincero, a luxury watch company that sells at affordable prices. The report shows that Vincero has been mentioned by many different websites, one of which happens to be on a site named with a domain rating (DR) of 72!

[insert image]

While Vincero’s website has a DR of 52, according to Ahrefs (which is not bad at all), getting backlinks from websites with higher DRs like will help boost Vincero’s credibility further!

While Vincero’s DR might not be close to Rolex’s (DR: 82), it can get there with enough effort, i.e., by getting more high-quality backlinks from reputed websites. 

[insert image]

We believe that quality triumphs over quantity, and that’s why our mission is to bring you the highest quality links, even if they happen to be fewer in number.

How to Get Backlinks from Blogs by Guest Posting

Getting backlinks through guest posting is not easy if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the time to do things the right way. First, you need to conduct thorough research and compile a list of websites to reach out to for guest blogging. 

  • You also have to make a monetary offer in exchange for the opportunity because nobody today hands out free guest posts.
  • Once both parties have accepted the price, you need to think of content ideas that’ll fit in naturally on the host website and write it according to the rules the webmaster lays out.
  • You can hire a content writer for the job or write on your own; whatever it is, you need to make sure it’s up to the webmaster’s standards.
  • Don’t forget; you also need to know how to find the right anchor texts to use and how to include them naturally within the article.
  • Now, you can submit the content, and if everything is A-okay, the content will be published, and you can make the payment.

These steps might seem easy to a novice, but it can be quite resource intensive depending on the type of links you’re trying to get. The process we follow to get backlinks for ourselves and our clients has been perfected over time and has now reached a point where we can repeat the steps repeatedly to get as many backlinks as needed.

The Truth About Anchor Texts

Look, in this day and age, when everybody is gunning for the quick wins, you have to stay patient and build a business that’s future proof. Overuse of exact match anchor texts has led to the downfall of many websites since it indicates to Google that you’re trying to “cheat the system.”

Brands hardly ever link to another page using exact match keywords, so we advise all our clients to use branded anchors as much as possible. Now, does that mean we don’t use exact match anchors at all? We do, but within limits. 

Out of 10 links we build for a client, maybe 1 or 2 among them will be exact match anchors, and we recommend you do the same. Again, if picking anchor texts is something you need help with, all you have to do is ask us.

Is Our Guest Posting Price Too Expensive?

Not at all. Since we have perfected the process of finding link opportunities, we’ve managed to cut down costs significantly. So, it’s likely that you’ll spend more money on guest posting by yourself than letting us handle everything, from A to Z. 

Here at Art of SEO, we put your needs first to get the best results at a reasonable price and in the shortest time possible.