Blogger Outreach Service

All you need to do is type in your website, your primary keyword, and your email. We will send you a strategy after a quick data-based analysis of your competitors & on what links can help your business.

Why Buy Blogger Outreach links By Art of War Seo?

High Quality Sites with Traffic

Our prospecting helps us to choose high quality links for your business. Links on website that google trusts for your keywords and has atleast 1000+ Traffic. If you’re looking for links that will actually help you, we’ve got you covered.

Hands Off Service

We’re not here to waste your time, we know that results are what matters to you. We’ll deliver on our promise without robbing you of your time. We’ll cover the whole process. We’ll even give you the guest post article (800 – 1500 words). You just watch.

Minimal Footprints

Building links is against google’s guidelines, but without links your website won’t thrive.
Thar’s why we don’t post on same sites, with same anchors, websites with author box and websites that mark their articles as sponsored. 

Less Footprints = Difficult to get penalized

How Does Our Blogger Outreach Service Work?

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Step -1
Research Your Competitors

There are thousands of bloggers and competitors (people that do the same thing as you) in your niche. We will do the research and we will analyze your top 30 competitors.

The next move is to make a list of blogs that can link to you and negotiate with them. 

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Find Prospects

We will filter them based on your desired outcome and type of prospects, to get as close as possible to your target (location, niche, etc). Other factors are to consider, such as their traffic. 
If traffic is increasing, it means that they’re growing in relevancy, thus they’ll help you rank better. We’ll make sure that the blog will help your SEO.
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Outreach the Bloggers

Based on your targeting, we will contact and negotiate with several prospects. We usually talk to a lot of bloggers when we do these posts, and do 700-1500 words of content with them.

The bloggers we reach will be in your niche. They will be selected based on how much potential they have on helping you rank.

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Pitch an Idea

The goal here is to deal with bloggers to get an relevant guest post topic and negotiate what benefits you. We usually put more time and effort in dealing with bloggers that are closer to your target (location, niche, etc), which will increase your ranking and brand authority.
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Write & Publish The Content

This is the step where the magic happens. Our team of highly trained SEO experts will create strategic content. The position of all the links will be well-thought.

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Deliver the Report

In under 28 working days, you will get a complete live URL report along with the proof for Guest Post Domains linking your Competitors, with one goal in mind: your website’s long-term success.

Check Our Outreach Packages

We have successfully delivered awesome links to over 500 people/agencies. Make it work for your website too.

Example Of Blogs We Outreach To

Benefits Of Outreach Links for Seo?


If your business gets links from credible blogs, google thinks your website is credible for the topics you’re covering. 

That’s why it’s important to get links from websites to make

Right Balance = Traffic

There is a very strong correlation between traffic and links. If you achieve the right balance of outreach links, your traffic will increase. 

And traffic = more customers. Sounds good?

Relevant To Your Audience

By choosing the right publisher (a.k.a. blogger) you will reach the people you’re trying to reach.

Blog posts should always be useful and relevant to the audience. The publisher needs to have the audience you are trying to reach. 

Using Art of War Seo for the First Time? What to Expect?

1. High Quality Backlinks

It is very important that your links come from high-quality websites, that are relevant, constantly updated, with an existing following, and a great track record. Sometimes it might be hard to find such websites, but we have the checklist to make that possible. We will make sure that websites meet all the requirements to give you results. You’re guaranteed to get links from awesome websites.

2. Anchor Audit 

Anchor is an underrated detail, but it does make a huge difference. The anchor is the clickable text that contains the link to your website. This is so crucial, that it really changes the whole SEO strategy, and Art Of War Seo really is proud of delivering an in-depth audit on anchors. We use up-to-date methods and strategies to find the perfect ratios after matching your anchor ratio with the ranking websites.

3. 1 Year Warranty

You are 100% guaranteed that all links will stay live and operate for at least 1 year. Our managers track each and every link so if they are down, they outreach to the blogger to fix the issue or you get a replacement!


With that said: the blogs we work with are established and will be on the market for years to come, so it could be much more than 1 year.

Our Happy Clients!

Jacek Pytlik


“I have worked with few SEO/GrowthHacking agencies from around the globe, but so far ArtOfWar SEO are the most trustworthy, detail and goal oriented in comparison to most. Our PM is a true guru when it comes to SEO, his knowledge of the topic is MASSIVE, and he always tries to make the best use of it for our project. Thanks guys! Let’s take our company to the next level!

Order These links for Your Brand

We have successfully delivered awesome links to over 500 people/agencies. Make it work for your website too. 

Blogger Outreach FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our aim is to provide tier 2 links that are topically relevant to the page they will be backlinked to, based on the information you have provided. 

We choose topics that are semantically relevant to your topic, so that your link is natural! 


Unfortunately no. We really care about the campaign being hands-off, in order to provide results in the shortest amount of time possible. However, the content is always written by professionals from the UK or the US, so quality is guaranteed.

Currently, since this is a hands-off approach, you cannot provide your own content. We really focus on keeping the quality consistent and delivering results in a short amount of time. Plus, big blogs and influencers with big websites have very precise requirements.

Our writers know how to pass those requirements at the first try, it is always better to let us deal with them. We’ll close the deal faster and in a more effective manner.

We can outreach any niche, as long as it is appropriate and legal.

Absolutely, but keep in mind that the process is hands-off, so please contact us for more information on this.

Positive, the strategy is effective and safe. It is proven that combining different SEO strategies gives you the best of all worlds, and it really zeros the odds of a failed campaign. The strategy is also safe since it is conducted by trained professionals that use strategies that are updated weekly since the SEO standards change very often.

The links will be placed in strategic places contextually in the content that we will provide. This is very important, Google recognizes patterns and we will use the ones that he will rank better. In a nutshell, we make them appear legit and relevant in Google’s eyes.

High-quality links will make the difference between an updated and outdated brand. Your image is very important, without a good one, your business won’t survive for long. How people see you (as well as how search engine bots see you) matters now more than ever.


By building good links you’ll gain relevance and exposure. If you’re selling a product or a service, this is what you’re looking for. If established influencers talk about you, you’ll grow.

That’s when Art Of War Seo comes into play. We’ll do every single thing that is required in order for you to receive the results you are looking for, without lifting a finger.

Yes, you can absolutely approve posts before we publish them, we want to give you flexibility on this.

Our links are dofollow. Search engines crawl the web through dofollow links, registering who is linking to who. These relationships pass a type of authority that SEO pros call “link juice” from one site to another, so they are effective.

Yes, you can. Please add a special note to the order to do that. We’ll do our best to reach who you’re trying to reach and get to top-level domain websites.

It is 100% guaranteed that the links will stay up for at least one year. Also, consider that blog posts that we outreach to are established, they have a substantial following, and a positive track record. This means that they will stay active for a long time, so you can see your links live for a lot more than what the warranty covers.

Yes, you can. We have a team that can build over 500 links per month, so it really is up to you. If you want to place multiple orders you can do it.

Our maximum turnaround time is 28 working days. However, we usually deliver in 10 days. It really depends on how quickly prospects respond.

How to Use Blogger Outreach Service Efficiently?

When it comes to ranking your website, there really are a lot of techniques that you can use. One of them is building links from other websites, in order to communicate to search engines that your website is relevant.


Looking and interpreting the relations that your website has with other websites is one of the most important criteria that search engine bots use to decide whether your website is worth ranking or not. So, in other words, the more websites link to your domain, the more relevant it will appear to the bots when showing results in the SERP.

Why Rank In The SERP

SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages. The higher you rank in the SERPs, the more traffic you’ll have, and traffic = clients. So, building a website isn’t enough to gain and convert traffic, you need SEO. SEO will organically rank your website so that it appears in the first results.

There are many strategies to rank organically, but one of the most effective is building outreach links. Why? Because they show search engine bots that you are relevant. I mean, if people are talking about you in blog posts, it means that you are up to date, and people are interested in you.


Actually, take a look at this example. Vincero is a company that sells luxury watches for acceptable prices. There are a bunch of people talking about them all over the internet. I used Ahrefs to analyze the backlinks of their website.


As you see, the top backlink comes from a blog post on style tips for young men. The DR (Domain Rating) of this particular link is 72, while the overall domain rating is 52. Compared to other websites that sell watches, that is pretty good.


I mean, the most famous watch company (Rolex) has a DR of 82, and it is the most well-known one. Take a look.


So, what this teaches is that blog links are extremely powerful. But that doesn’t mean that you should just have as many links as possible, that won’t work. Keep reading to find out why.

Quality > Quantity

Here at Art Of War SEO, we came to the conclusion that having a few high-quality websites link to you is FAR more important than having dozens of random websites link to you. The reason is pretty simple.

Imagine you could only have one of these two websites link to you:


  • (that hasn’t been active for 2 months)

Which one do you believe will give you the best results? Exactly. That’s the reason why we focus on generating high-quality links, with high-quality websites. This will seriously boost your ranking and save you TONS of cash.